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Paper Complaint Forms

The New Mexico Department of Justice accepts several different types of complaints. See the list below for specific form or instructions that best fits your complaint. If you are not sure which form to use, contact Advocacy and Intervention Division.

Consumer Complaint

The Advocacy and Intervention Division handles complaints between consumers and businesses.  When a consumer contacts a business but is unable to resolve a dispute, the Advocacy and Intervention’s complaint resolution services may be available.  The New Mexico Department of Justice does not act and cannot act as a private attorney for individual citizens.  There is no charge to the public for these services. The New Mexico Department of Justice can never guarantee a particular outcome.

Homeownership Preservation Program

The Homeownership Preservation Program actively monitors compliance with various mortgage settlements, enforces state and federal laws that impact homeowners, accepts complaints from New Mexico homeowners against mortgage banks, and provides assistance to homeowners who have been the victim of foreclosure rescue scams. To file a complaint against your mortgage servicers or if you have been the victim of a foreclosure rescue scam please fill out and return the Mortgage Complaint Form.

Charitable Organization Complaint

The New Mexico Department of Justice oversees charities (except for religious and educational organizations) that exist, operate or solicit contributions in this state. The office has the duty to protect the interests of all beneficiaries of charities within its jurisdiction. The NMDOJ may conduct investigations and bring legal actions to protect the assets of New Mexico charities and ensure that the assets are used for their intended charitable purposes as well as protect New Mexico’s citizens from unlawful solicitation practices by fundraisers.

Criminal Complaint

The Special Investigations Division of the New Mexico Department of Justice utilizes expert special agents for major criminal investigations across the state. The Division conducts investigations as directed by the Attorney General, including violent crimes such as child abuse, homicide, and sexual assaults. Special Investigations also looks into government corruption and fraud, and economic and financial crimes, often working in cooperation with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. If you suspect government corruption or fraud call (505) 717-3500.

Medicaid Fraud & Elder Abuse and Neglect Complaint

The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit is a criminal law enforcement unit of the the Office of the Attorney General that enforces the Medicaid Fraud Act and the Resident Abuse and Neglect Act. The Division investigates and prosecutes Medicaid providers who commit fraud and/or resident abuse, neglect and exploitation in long-term care facilities. The unit also pursues civil monetary repayment of Medicaid program funds when a Medicaid provider does not provide adequate services to recipients.

Open Meetings (OMA) or Inspection of Public Records (IPRA) Complaint

New Mexico’s “Sunshine Laws,” the Open Meetings Act (OMA) and Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA), help to ensure the business of government is open to the public. After complaints are received, each party is contacted, facts are gathered and a determination whether a violation has been committed is made. If a violation has been determined, the Open Meetings Act and the Inspection of Public Records Act provide for enforcement by the New Mexico Department of Justice or the District Attorney in their respective jurisdictions. These laws also provide that a private citizen may bring a civil lawsuit against the offending public body.

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