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Attorney General Raúl Torrez Convenes Law Enforcement Summit to Discuss Comprehensive Solutions to Address Gun Violence in New Mexico 



Albuquerque, NM – Today, Attorney General Raúl Torrez hosted a law enforcement summit, bringing key stakeholders together to discuss solutions to gun violence. The event took place at the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce and consisted of three panels with subject matter experts consisting of law enforcement leaders and prosecutors throughout New Mexico.  

“Gun violence is a serious problem and it requires a serious, thoughtful approach grounded in the real world experience of law enforcement professionals,” said AG Torrez. “For far too long police and prosecutors have been bystanders to the legislative and policy-making process in Santa Fe. That’s why we organized this summit and created an opportunity for those closest to the problem to offer some practical advice for how we can work together to make our communities safer.”

“Gun Violence affects every corner of New Mexico, even the main street of Red River. We need to have the courage to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. This summit was an opportunity for law enforcement leaders and prosecutors to share what they have learned about gun violence from the streets and the courtrooms.” said Marcus Montoya 8th Judicial District Attorney and President of the New Mexico District Attorney Association 

“Gun violence in New Mexico is a severe problem. I appreciate the Attorney General organizing this summit. I think we will find a collaborative answer, but it starts with getting all the right people in the room,” said Steve Hebbe, Farmington Chief of Police and New Mexico Chiefs of Police President.  

During the summit, law enforcement leaders and prosecutors discussed their personal experiences relating to gun violence and their opinions on solutions that would make communities throughout New Mexico safer, including tools and legislation to hold violent, repeat offenders accountable, resources to recruit and train more law enforcement officers and prosecutors, and laws that target and deter individuals that possess firearms in the commission of a crime.  

Participants included:

  • John Allen, Bernalillo County Sheriff 
  • Cecily Barker, Albuquerque Police Department
  • Mark Cage, Eddy County Sherrif
  • Jesse James Casaus, Sandoval County Sheriff
  • Kim Stewart, Doña Ana County Sheriff 
  • Shane Ferrari, San Juan County Sheriff, President NM Sheriff’s Association 
  • Raul Bujanda, Special Agent in Charge, FBI  
  • Adan Mendoza, Santa Fe County Sheriff
  • Kris Houghton, United States Attorney’s Office, District of New Mexico
  • Steve Hebbe, Chief of the Farmington Police Department and President of the New Mexico Chiefs of Police, 
  • Paul Joye, Santa Fe Chief of Police
  • Kirk Roberts, Artesia Chief of Police
  • Jeremy Story, Las Cruces Interim Chief of Police
  • Henry Valdez, New Mexico District Attorney Association Executive Director
  • Marcus Montoya, 8th Judicial District Attorney and President of the New Mexico District Attorney Association
  • Sam Bregman, Bernalillo County District Attorney
  • Rick Tedrow, 11th Judicial District Attorney
  • Gerald Byers, 3rd Judicial District Attorney
  • Quentin Ray, 9th Judicial District Attorney 
  • Tom Clayton, 4th Judicial District Attorney 


Raul Torrez

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