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AG Balderas Warns Against Coronavirus-Related Price Gouging

For Immediate Release:
March 12, 2020
Contact: Matt Baca — (505) 270-7148

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — Attorney General Hector Balderas today issued a consumer
advisory warning New Mexico consumers about possible price gouging in the wake of the
coronavirus outbreak that has recently reached the state. Price gouging is the practice of
a seller unreasonably increasing the price of goods or services from its regular and usual
“Increasing prices on necessities like medical supplies, hand sanitizer, masks, and other
items because our citizens are in fear of the coronavirus is simply unconscionable,” said
Balderas. “Anyone increasing prices in order to illegally profit from this emergency will be
It is against the law in New Mexico to misrepresent the price of goods or services or to
take advantage of consumers’ situation to a grossly unfair degree.
Consumers are urged to report suspected price gouging to the Office of the Attorney
General at www.nmag.gov or by calling toll-free 844-255-9210

Raul Torrez

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