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AG Balderas Files Criminal Charge for Failing to Comply With New Mexico’s Campaign Reporting Act

For Immediate Release:
March 18, 2022
Contact: Jerri Mares — (505) 321-4372

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Today, Attorney General Balderas announced that his office filed a misdemeanor criminal information against Couy Griffin for one count of violating the Campaign Reporting Act.

Griffin was ordered by the Secretary of State (SOS) to register his organization, Cowboys for Trump, as a political action committee, in accordance with State law. The organization attempted to challenge the law, claiming that the SOS could not order them to comply. In February, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the challenge, leaving the SOS’s order in effect.

To date, Griffin has not complied with the orders from the SOS nor with an order from the First Judicial District Court to register, file the required reports, and pay the statutory fine.

“We live in a nation that ensures that no elected official is above the law,” said Attorney General Balderas. “Citizens have the right to expect reporting and disclosure transparency from all elected officials.”

Although Griffin has been charged, he is presumed innocent until proven guilty at trial. This case is being prosecuted by the NM Office of the Attorney General.


Raul Torrez

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