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Victim Services

Victim Services is part of the Advocacy and Intervention Division. Victim Services is committed to offering resources and support to victims of crime and their families. The New Mexico Department of Justice recognizes the importance of victims’ rights and is committed to working proactively to ensure that those rights are upheld throughout the criminal legal process. The goal of Victim Services is to provide comprehensive services in a competent, sensitive, and professional manner. In order to ensure the quality of services being offered, all members of Victim Services have a minimum of 10,000 hours of training and hands on experience working victims of crime. The NMDOJ recognizes the value of preventing victimization and decreasing criminal behaviors through an integrated approach to include education and awareness, outreach, collaboration, harm reduction, and access to services.

Victim Services is available to answer questions about the criminal process and victims’ rights and also connect victims with the appropriate services.

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Victim Information & Notification Everday (VINE) Brochures

Raul Torrez
Attorney General
Raúl Torrez


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