Raúl Torrez | Attorney General

About the Office

Semi-transparent version of the New Mexico Department of Justice secondary seal is featured at the center. The seal is framed with gold gradient rope and a slim gold bar followed by a thicker dark blue circular bar that has white text that reads, "State of New Mexico" at the bottom and "Department of Justice" at the top. Another slim circular gold bar is featured before the center of the seal. The Center of the seal is a dark-blue circle with a gold, gradient version of the roman-inspired Pillar in the shape of New Mexico.

Our Vision

To help transform New Mexico into one of the safest, healthiest and most prosperous places in the world.

Our Focus

The New Mexico Department of Justice is focused on:

  • Protecting families and giving a voice to vulnerable populations;
  • Prosecuting dangerous criminals who prey on children and the most vulnerable;
  • Advocating for policies that help law enforcement improve community safety;
  • Protecting New Mexicans from consumer scams and fraud;
  • Promoting open, accountable governance, and stopping public corruption;
  • Protecting and preserving the quality of New Mexico’s cultural history, land, water, and air;
  • Upholding the United States and New Mexico Constitution; and
  • Providing the highest level of ethical legal service to the State of New Mexico.


The New Mexico Department of Justice is one of seven independently elected statewide offices in New Mexico. The NMDOJ was established by the State Constitution in 1912.

The Attorney General and the Department of Justice, collectively referred to as the New Mexico Department of Justice, represent and defend the legal interests and sovereignty of the people of the State of New Mexico. The NMDOJ exercises the responsibilities delegated by the New Mexico Constitution, statutes enacted by the New Mexico Legislature, and the common law.

The Attorney General has primary authority for enforcement of consumer protection and antitrust laws, prosecution of criminal appeals and some complex white-collar crimes, training and certification of peace officers, and most natural resource and environmental matters. Additionally, the New Mexico Department of Justice works concurrently with New Mexico’s 13 district attorneys and other local, state and federal law enforcement authorities to carry out its criminal justice responsibilities and activities. The Attorney General is also the chief legal counsel and advisor to the executive branch of state government including all executive departments and to the many state agencies, boards, and commissions. The NMDOJ delivers its responsibilities within an approximately $18-22 million budget appropriation through its team of approximately 200 employees.

Our Locations

Photograph of Albuquerque, New Mexico with a gold, circular frame around it.
Photograph of Las Cruces, New Mexico with a gold, circular frame around it.
Las Cruces
Photograph of Santa Fe New Mexico with a gold, circular frame around it.
Santa Fe